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something to eat in jeju island?

Sushi Domodachi! Sushi Domodachi (Chilseong branch), which means'sushi friend'

This is where you can eat sushi made at the same time you order.

The restaurant opened after the Jeju City Hall branch( a conveyor belt sushi restaurant), but this restaurant is not a conveyor belt sushi restaurant.

So, the food is fresh and the taste is good without saying anything. There is a bar table for about 10 people and 4 tables for 2 to 3 people, and 3 skilled chefs are making sushi.

Salmon, flatfish, tofu, egg, squid, shrimp, tuna Tataki sushi, etc. Many people's favorite menu is 1,000 won for 1PS. A restaurant that both tourists and locals love with its cost-effectiveness. Of course, in addition to the popular menu, there are also menus with a luxury of 1,500 won, 2000 won, and 3,000 won per 1PS, so you have a wide range of choices.